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Does health insurance cover the cost of vein treatments?
The answer is maybe. Varicose vein treatments are usually covered by health insurance plans. The likelihood your insurance plan will cover the cost of your vein treatments depends on your specific vein symptoms, whether or not you have venous reflux disease (determined by an ultrasound), and the size of the abnormal veins. Since most people who present to the doctor with varicose veins have symptomatic venous reflux disease (faulty vein valves within the leg veins), health insurance usually does cover varicose vein treatments. Spider vein therapy is typically considered a cosmetic therapy and is typically not covered by health insurance. If you have combination of varicose veins and spider veins, then the varicose vein treatments may be eligible for coverage while the spider vein treatment would not.  Our insurance specialists with help assist you in determining whether your treatments will be paid for by your insurance plan prior to scheduling any therapy. We will diligently work with your health insurance provider to maximize their coverage of any costs.  Call our facility if you have any specific questions regarding insurance accepted by Texan Vein & Vascular.

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Insurance Coverage

Texan Vein & Vascular currently accepts the following insurance plans:  

  • Medicaid

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (all major plans, including most PPO and HMO plans)

  • United Healthcare (all major plans, including most PPO and HMO plans)

  • Cigna (all major plans, including Multiplan, Beech Street, and Greatwest networks)

  • Humana (all major plans, including most HMO and Gold Plus plans)

  • Aetna

  • Tricare for Life

  • Tricare Standard

  • Multiplan Network

  • AARP Medicare Complete Choice


If your insurance plan is not listed, please call and inquire on whether we accept your insurance plan, as this list may not be all inclusive.  

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